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Design Leadership

Design System

As a design leader, I wanted Hilton’s digital platforms to be more consistent. I set a multi-year goal to build a design system. I proposed a pattern library to the Digital Leadership team which ultimately became Hilton’s Design System, Fractal. In 2015, Hilton was starting to embark on a multi-year web and mobile platform redesign. 


I researched a variety of design systems/pattern libraries and started to make a plan to build a business case for the creation of our very own internal system. I presented to the Digital Leadership team about the concept and investments needed.

Empathize and Define

I interviewed people on the Design team to understand what they would like from a design system. I led brainstorming activities to define the scope and goal state. I wrote user stories for us to kick-off the project.

We had to perform activities to set off on a good foundation.

  • Analyze what the system should contain
  • Brand the system – name, style, website
  • Resource this with current staff
  • Governance and review of the assets created


We created a website to view information, design asset library, guidance on how and when to use the assets.

Screen shot of site

Tools used

  • Pen and paper
  • White Boards 
  • Slack
  • Basecamp
  • WordPress
  • Sketch