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leadership By Design

The Role of a Leader. 

My leadership philosophy called ‘leadership by design’. I am a designer by heart; I use design thinking methods to plan and grow experiences, teams, and relationships. I start by empathizing with my employees and partners to ideate strategic solutions through collaboration. I use quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions and design experiences for my team, my company, and their products. Let’s talk about the things great leaders do.

Qualities of a good leader

These are characteristics I believe you should strive to embody as a leader.

  • Servant-leader
  • Exploratory thinker – don’t kill ideas, grow them
  • Transparent
  • Advocate for and sponsor people
  • Challenger
  • Empathic
  • Open and welcoming
  • Future-focused
  • Coach
  • Humility – Step aside – allow people to achieve organizational goals

Actions of a good leader

This isn’t comprehensive but it covers a lot of the ground.


  • Find and hire great talent
  • Find and hire diverse talent
  • Envision the growth and evolution of teams and roles on teams

People Management and Coaching

  • Set priorities and expectations for success
  • Grow and cultivate communities of practice
  • Set examples
  • Grow talent
  • Groom leaders
  • Celebrate and reward your teams and individuals
  • Make connections for talent
  • Succession planning

Evangelism and Storytelling

  • Drive alignment on design strategy
  • Celebrate the wins of your teams with leadership
  • Promote a customer-centric approach
  • Promote company and design roles externally

 Partnership Management

  • Drive alignment
  • Set share vision
  • Collaborate on plan on how to deliver company goals

Strategy and Vision

  • Align teams on what we are striving to be to our customers¬†(external or internal)
  • Layout a vision on how we should be fulfilling promises to customers (external or internal)
  • Set forth plans and vision during times of change