17 years of experience

My background spans User Experience, Accessibility, Research, Service Design, Design Thinking, Agile Transformation, Product Strategy, New Product Ventures, Business Case Creation, and Budget Management.

I have extensive experience building product strategies and design direction for international omnichannel platforms across multiple devices, including iOS, Android, Web, SalesForce, Android TV, IoT, and back-end services.

Kind words from kind humans

Charise has a calm and collected way about herself. Unlike other leaders, Charise takes her time to develop a perspective. And that perspective is often very sound and will serve the org well in the long run. She holds her team to a high standard and leads by example instilling confidence, empathy, and trust in her team.

Charise’s strength comes from her ability to empathize with those around her and create a comfortable space. She exudes confidence in her design knowledge and ability to lead a team. She communicates her thoughts effectively and can do it so unscripted. She thrives when she’s able to speak freely and in a casual fashion. On top of her emotional awareness, she has a positive and optimistic attitude which is an admirable strength.

Charise wants her people to win and she let’s them figure how to win while being 100% themselves. She is a true people leader, not just a manager or a boss. She creates clarity. She instills confidence. She expands perspective.

“Charise took some high-level bullet points from us and designed a beautiful, intuitive UI for our customers. We enjoyed the solution enough that we immediately re-engaged her for a 2nd project where she ran a design effort for our next generation of software.”

“She balances big-picture goals and day-to-day work flawlessly; she is a natural leader who never settles for the status quo. She pushes her team (and herself) to find the best solutions for user problems. She’s also one of the most driven, ambitious humans I’ve ever met. She truly cares about her work, and she goes all-in on a problem until she’s found the right solution. I think “Innovation” might actually be her middle name, but don’t quote me on that.”