Covid was trash, but many positives came from my six-month furlough from Hilton. One positive was collaborating with TengoInternet. They were starting a multi-year journey of redesigning, re-platforming, and rearchitecting their technology and digital experiences.

TengoInternet enables its customers to delight their guests with purpose-built wireless networks. They were targeting a redesign of their customer account management application.

The team at ENO8 teamed up with me to take their client Tengointernet through discovery and reimagining their property management software. Our goal was to create a vision for an MVP, uncovering user needs, and helping the client learn more about human-centered design practices.

We started with a one-day workshop to understand and empathize with the goals of the users and business and make a list of assumptions that would need to be validated.  The findings in the workshop led to the creation of personas, a customer journey map, wireframes, and a test script for user interviews.

The team

UI Designer
Project Coordinator

The Tools


The Objective

Create an MVP of the experience for Property Managers who need to manage Tengo’s services.


We aligned key organizational stakeholders around a product roadmap, customer journey, personas, and an MVP prototype.