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Hilton’s Mobile App

I led the User Experience team responsible for the Hilton Honors mobile app experiences. The Hilton Honors app has everything you need for the perfect vacation. Book a hotel, earn rewards, plan your trip, and more. Top app features:

Autism Awareness Teams background 2021

Autism Awareness Day

I volunteered to create Teams backgrounds for the Abilities Resource Group in 2021. I took an MVP approach to spin up a few concepts quickly, so I leveraged Hilton’s branding and the puzzle piece commonly associated with Autism. My nephew is Autistic, so this cause is important to me and my family.

logo on red background

2019 Design Conference

Branding I worked with some of our finest talents to brand this event. The concept was “REIGNITE”. As a Leadership team, through this event, we wanted our Experience Design team to recharge themselves, re-establish connections, and re-invest in our vision. Planning I was able to play many roles in planning the event; here are just …

Hilton’s Design System

The year Brad Frost’s Atomic Design book was released, I set a multi-year goal to build a design system. I proposed a pattern library to the Digital Leadership team, ultimately becoming Hilton’s Design System, Fractal. I presented to the Digital Leadership team the concept and investments needed. After the business case was approved, we interviewed people …